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Hope is revived for the two sick children! Sonjela and Enesi to Turkey from “Fundjavë Ndryshe” and “Top Channel”

Sonjela Ymerllari, 13, who suffers from scoliosis, and 3-year-old Enes Myteberi, who suffers from GRIK2 Genetic Syndrome, were transported to Turkey to undergo surgery. Thanks to the contribution of “Top Channel ”, the two cases published by “Fundjavë Ndryshe ” received the green light, giving them the opportunity to recover as soon as possible, as their health condition was aggravated.

Enesi will make an intervention in the head, as his brain is not well supplied with blood. He does not move and also does not recognize anyone. The boy from the village of Cangoj, Devoll, Korça district, suffers from GRIK2 Genetic Syndrome, while the disease that has affected his brain, has made the 3-year-old erase everything from his memory, without recognising even his family members. Enes’s mother, touched by this noble gesture that is changing their lives, says that their last hopes are in Turkey.

“I wanted him to be like other children! To be able to call me mom someday.  ‘Top Channel’ , ‘Fundjavë Ndryshe’, all the Albanians who contributed, I thank from the bottom of my heart. May God reward all of you a hundred times more than you what you did “, said Enes’s mother.

While Sonjela Ymerllari, from the village of Alarup in the district of Pogradec, suffers from scoliosis, with changes in the nervous function of the upper and lower extremities. Unfortunately, the disease has advanced to 95% of it, affecting every organ, endangering life. Sonjela’s mother is just as anxious for her daughter, while not sparing herself with gratitude to the contributors.

“I took Sonjela to the fifth grade at school. She is 13 years old and suffers from scoliosis, which has deformed her spine and is damaging her organs. Thank god I still have strength left to move her around, because she is light and small. I do not know if I will be able to thank all those who make it possible for what I prayed day and night. It seems to me as if I know everyone, as if all donators are my brothers and sisters “, says Sonjela’s mother.

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