Families with a new home

The poverty level in Albania is very high. The gap between rich and poor people is wide. Many families in need live in inhumane conditions. Many children grow up in extreme conditions. Although according to human rights, children’s rights or even the Constitution of Albania this way of living is not legitimate for the state, it seems that the reality is really tough. This is also the reason why Fundjavë Ndryshe has chosen to deal with the problems of many people in need, children who do not have the opportunity to change their future.

The first house that Fundjavë Ndryshe built was about 5 years ago. We organized a campaign, appealing all Albanians to contribute for helping a very poor family. Someone donated the furniture, someone donated a service, and the house was ready very quickly. We rushed to turn this system into a real mechanism to help as many families as possible. In collaboration with media and televisions we drew the attention of large businesses which contributed to helping poor people. So far, we have built about 500 new homes throughout Albania, and restored the old ones. Many families have started their lives from scratch and many children’s lives changed forever!