Legal Studio

Albania is a poor country, with a newly born democracy. Our constitution dates back 21 years ago, and laws are always being updated. The mechanism of social, economic assistance, and state support for vulnerable groups is still unclear. People in need are often found in front of the doors of institutions seeking mercy, and not getting the duty to provide. Sometimes families in need face legal problems for their lands, properties, homes. The lack of information and the lack of a legal support is one of the factors that leads them to many cases. Fundjavë Ndryshe is working to create a legal studio, where the foundation’s juridical staff will provide legal support in solving the problems of many families in need. We are currently working hard to identify problems that are being encountered in masse by families, as well as families who have critical problems in this dimension.

The law supports the poor, so let unite to give our contribution in the administration of social policies in legal service.