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“This is suffering for me, I die by day”, the mother of the 10-year-old asks for our help

Ten years full of suffering for Arsi Xhediku, and at the same time for his family members. His mother tells with tears in her eyes that in the seventh month of pregnancy, the doctors noticed that something was wrong.

The boy unfortunately had an enlarged kidney, a dilated aorta of the heart and a dilated cerebrospinal fluid duct. Doctors had advised her to abort the baby, but her decision was to keep it.

From this decision, her life took a different course. Suffering and sacrifices would be part of everyday life. The family that lives in Peshkopi are struggling financially, ending their hopes of making an intervention. When Arsi was 1 year old, his spleen and liver gave him so much trouble that he suffered a stroke in his head. The doctors had told him to operate on his legs, which are still black to this day.

The family is on the verge of survival, where the only possibilities are thanks to the grandmother’s pension and the assistance that the son receives. His treatment costs $15,000. Each of us can change his life by our contributions. Let’s come together to save little Arsi!

“In the seventh month it was noticed that my baby had something. It was my biggest dream to become a mother. There was an enlarged kidney, an enlarged aorta of the heart, and the cerebrospinal fluid duct was more dilated.

They told me to remove the baby, but I refused. I turned the pain into strength and I said; I will live for this child. I asked for help from doctors, because for me there was only God and the doctor. I had no one else.

At the age of 1, his spleen and liver gave him so much trouble that he suffered a thrombosis in his head, I was told that I had to operate on his legs. If you see his legs, they are tanned. I take the boy in my arms and take him to school, because he cannot walk.

I take him out to play with the kids, and he turns back because he can’t walk and falls. This is suffering for me, it is like death every day.

Please help me! I have an only child. Please save me. The hope is only in you, to do something for this child”, Arsi’s mother said further.

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