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“Fundjavë Ndryshe” meeting with the members of the Association of the Blind, continuous support for them

The founder of “Fundjavë Ndryshe”, Arbër Hajdari, held a warm and friendly meeting with the representative of the National Association of the Blind Marsona Taçe, and members of the blind community of the city of Gramsh, to discuss their immediate needs and to extend even further focus and help in this needy category. At a table where the members of this association had gathered, Arbër Hajdari emphasized the daily needs they have, and how necessary is help for them, an opportunity and integration for the blind. “Fundjavë Ndryshe” has been supporting this community for a long time, and while the head of the foundation promised that they will not stop, but will continue to extend the activity and beyond.

“We are in Gramsh, with a group of friends who are all part of the Blind Association of Albania. We are discussing the problems they have, and how we can find ourselves in their troubles and problems.

Especially since it is a group of people who have daily needs, different needs, we have come here and we are discussing for more than two hours their concerns, long-term problems and to give another direction and more continuous help, periodical help for the Society of the Blind, because if you were here with me and you listened to the concerns and problems that they have, you would understand that it is important for this group of people to be among the most important groups to be helped, to make their lives a little easier”, said Arbër Hajdari.

One of the representatives of the association submitted the request for help, as the needs are different.

“The city of Gramsh is beautiful, but it has different needs. Daily needs but also in the long term. Join us and help by contributing to each family, according to the needs they have”.

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