Employment in businesses

During our work with people in need we help them until they reach economic stability. Beyond food aid, health care or education, Fundjavë Ndryshe intermediates the employment of people in need in various businesses. This is not an easy process, but we have managed to employ a very large number of people.

A family may be considered out of extreme poverty when it manages to guarantee some continuous income through honest work. But we have often noticed that despite the goodwill that businesses have, many people in need do not have a profession, and do not find employment opportunities. This was the starting point of professional school. The professional school project also provides the employment of people. At the end of the specific courses, we will make agreements with businesses and the market to employ the people who attended the courses.

If we really want to integrate these people into society, let give them the opportunity to walk on their own feet. Together we can do it!