The library

Another important project of Fundjavë Ndryshe is the library. From the contact we have with the children of many families we help, the contact with the young people who are engaged as volunteers at Fundjavë Ndryshe, we have noticed the necessity of creating a library, to bring the next generation closer to the book. The library will also be digital. Fundjavë Ndryshe’s concept is all about community development.

The focus on education is very large. We are dedicated to make Albania a better place, and to help Albanian society integrate. The biggest problem of our country is the lack of middle class, and we aim to fix this deviance. Therefore, in addition to the economic aspect of families in need, we try to intervene in the social aspect of their living. To get out of poverty and be part of the middle class, a family must be integrated in society. This is why we believe that through the education of the younger generations we will be able to enjoy in a few years the fruits of a better educated society.