Young people join the “Solidarity Center”: Donate blood, Save lives


The blood donation campaign started by “Different Weekend” continues to help hundreds of people. It’s one of the longest-running campaigns that continue to find support every day. As the high number of citizens who donate blood is increasing, as a result of the increased awareness of all Albanians.
This time, the campaign was organized near the “Solidarity Center”. Where dozens of young people came together to donate blood to help blood banks across the country.
The process of blood donation in Albania is an activity that requires much dedication, as it is directly related to human life. Blood is the only non-productive substance in the lab, and can only be generated by sensitization and donation from person to person. Donating blood is more than an act of solidarity; it is saving lives for those in need. And it is our moral obligation to stand with people in need in every way.
“Donate blood, save a life!”