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“We were waiting for him to return today”, the sad story of Irena and the 3 children of the miner who passed away

“Galleries are mines where men work. When you are inside, it might collapse, and rocks will fall into you. I miss my dad. I would like to tell him that I love him very much and that I will learn a lot in school… ”

This is how Flori starts his story. He is the son of Rexhep Rushiti, 33 years old, who a few days ago lost his life in a closed chrome gallery. After a 3-week wait, Flori thought he would meet his father on October 31st, but, that day we recorded this story.

“He would come today, today he would meet his kids… but there wasn’t meant to be. He went to work, for the children. This was something I never imagined, he left me all alone with the children. This is my fate, I have to deal with it “, says Irena tearing up.

During the summer Rexhepi worked collecting medicinal plants in the mountains. He had suffered several accidents in the mines and knew their danger. A few months ago he owed 800 thousand lekë with which he bought a horse to work, but the horse died shortly after they took it and Rexhepi was forced to return to work in the gallery to pay off the debt and support the family.

Irena is 29 years old, and today she is completely alone in raising 3 orphaned minor children. She suffers from some vision problems but has never been visited. Irena used to collect chrome together with the children until the mine was privatized. Now she is looking for a job.

The Rushiti family receives only an economic aid of 57 thousand ALL and is in debt. The conditions where Irena and the children live are miserable. Today they appeal for help. For support, for material goods to spend the winter, and for a safe home to live in.

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