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Urgent/ Teacher Drineda begs us to save her life

It has been 1 year since Drineda found out she was suffering from acute leukemia. 1 year filled with horrors, pain, tears, fear. Faced with such a serious illness, every moment fears that it could be the fatal day. The 27-year-old lives in Bilisht and has been a teacher for several years.

Even though Drineda found out the terrible news, she still went to work, as she didn’t want to let down her pupils. But, her condition worsened, so she had to stop all daily activities. Even for her son, Erkid, she is powerless to take care of.

Chemotherapy and medications have not given the proper effect and her condition as it comes and gets worse. But there is hope for the teacher from Bilisht. While Drineda herself has contacted a hospital in Turkey, she has learned that there is a way to save her life. She has to undergo a bone marrow transplant, which will be donated by her sister. However, this intervention costs 80,000 euros. An inaccessible amount for the family, which is in difficult economic conditions.

“Fundjavë Ndryshe” joined her call for help, but a great mobilization is required. Therefore, every Albanian, wherever he/she is, is called to save Drineda. She prays to smile again, to raise the boy, who has only his mother.

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