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Urgent/ Only 5 months old, Ambra’s life in danger!

Ambra is only 5 months old, but her life is in danger. The baby was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a serious brain disease. Her condition is very critical and she needs to undergo urgent surgical intervention.  As she not only risks serious brain complications such as significant intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities but also could be fatal for Ambra.

Through a video message, her mother begs for help, as the family can not afford the surgery. With a desperate voice, the only hope for her is the Albanians, who together have saved so many lives.

“I beg your help for my daughter, she is only 5 months old and she suffers from hydrocephalus. The surgery costs a lot and my family can not afford it. ‘Fundjavë Ndryshe’ has done so many miracles. Please help me, because this girl needs us more than ever. ”

With pain, the mother addresses all Albanians, to save the 5-month-old baby. Let’s get together to give Ambra a chance to live!

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