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Urgent/ Lisa seeks help for her heart surgery!

Little Lisa was born with rare heart disease. As a result of serious complications, at that time doctors told the family that without intervention she would have only 1 month to live. With debts and assistance from the Albanian state, the Çoço family managed to send the little girl to a hospital in Turkey. Today, 5 years later Lisa has undergone five heart surgeries.

But, unfortunately, her health continues to be aggravated and the little one needs to have surgery again. Doctors have even urged the family that it should be done urgently because otherwise Lisa’s life is put in danger. The operation should be performed this month, on January 28 and it is an intervention which costs 6 thousand Euros.

The family is in financial difficulties and it is impossible for them to provide the necessary amount for their daughter’s operation. Elion, the head of the household, worked for a security company. But as a result of the girl’s complications, he can not work regularly. The only income is their grandmother’s salary, who takes care of an elderly person.

The Çoço family has no solution to save the little girl, as they desperately seek the help of Albanians.

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