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Urgent/ 3 brothers are going blind: We are only used to the darkness

“When I am out in the sun I can not see, only when I am in the dark I see better. I am used to the darkness, I am not used to the light.”

This is how Albani begins his story. He is only 7 years old, but he risks being blind, just like his two brothers. They are affected by an inherited eye disease, which is endangering their health.

Ornela, their mother, just like her father was born with this disease. For 35 years she has been struggling with the darkness, which is getting worse. Out of the lack of knowledge and economic difficulties, she never did a medical examination to find out what she was suffering from. Until she became a mother, for the first time with Arshin.

Despite the illness, Arshini is one of the best students in the class. Because his dreams are too big.

“I am now in the seventh grade and the tasks are harder. My eyes get tired every time I do homework or when I write and read. I want to do something big in life. But, I am afraid that I will not be able to continue my education. As my vision weakens, I may even go blind.”

With debts to relatives and a loan, a few months ago Ornela managed to operate Albani, who also had the weakest eyesight. But, again his condition, continues to be aggravated.

While Amarildo, has not yet turned 3 years old but has begun to give the first signs. Although according to the doctors he is still in time, in order not to lose his sight like his brothers, the economic impossibility makes it very difficult for him to carry out medical treatment.

Their only help is from their grandmother’s pension after their father went to Greece to work, but there he suffered an incident and is in hospital.

For the Senkollari family, fate has been cruel, but we can help these 3 children to have a good future.

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