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Two orphans need us!

A few months ago Zabiti and Rigens lost their father to a serious illness. A tragedy that further destroyed the Pirra family. Feeling lost and hopeless, Eda is struggling to raise her two sons.

“The only thing that gives me strength is my children. We were very happy before, we had a lot of dreams. We wanted to raise the boys, to educate them, to give them a better life.”

Are these dreams, which torment Eda every minute. The 30-year-old feels powerless to offer a safe life to her sons.

They sold everything they had in hopes of finding a cure, but today Eda is in the middle of four streets. The only help came from Eda’s parents, who, despite their poor health and difficult economic situation, housed them in a room. But the conditions are very bad, making it impossible for them to survive.

“This room is old, the walls are cracked. We have put some bags in the holes hoping that we won’t be cold. We do not even have a desk to do our homework”, Zabit confesses with tears in his eyes.

Today the family needs our help, we need to give hope to these children so that they believe that there is not only pain in life.

Charity does not make you poor!
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