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Their parents are sick, 3 little ones need us!

With tears in their eyes, the 3 children of the Tafani family have only one wish. They want to have a warm bed and a safe roof. They don’t have big dreams, as their living conditions are horrible. Even though they are very young, they have to take care of the family.

“I dream that we are entering a new home, a safer one, but when I wake up in the morning we are still here. We have lived our whole life in this house and I am afraid that we will continue here, ”says Eralda, the older sister.

A born problem on foot has made Genci, the head of the family unable to take care of his family. Suzana also has one of her kidneys dysfunctional and her health is worsening.  Making the three little ones feel responsible for providing for basic needs.

“I feel very bad because I, as their father, could not provide them with anything. It hurts in my soul, but I have nothing to do. We have no income, my wife is sick, we can hardly afford to buy medicine for her. While I need to perform an operation, but I am not thinking about myself. I just want my kids and wife to be in good health, ” confesses Genci.

The Tafani family is in a very difficult situation, while the house where they live is in very poor condition. They need our help.

Charity does not make you poor!
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