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Their house burned down, the family of the war veteran needs us!

A few months ago, for the Goça family, everything turned upside down. An electric-discharge caused everything to turn to ashes in less than 1 hour. Between the flames, Etleva and Isa managed to save their little boy, who even today continues to be in shock.

“I remember that day as the day of my death. Even though we managed to get out of there alive, it was still awful. Only stones are left here, when I see the house turned to ashes, I try to rebuild it, but I can not.”

Before turning 18, Isa joined the army. During the war in Kosovo, he hosted in this house hundreds of soldiers. One year after the end of the war, he was suffering from mental illness. For 20 years, his health has been getting worse. Etleva, on the other hand, suffers from kidney disease, and doctors have even warned her that if left untreated, she risks being damaged to the point that she needs a transplant.

Out of extreme poverty, Elvi, the eldest son even though he is only 12 years old will drop out of school and start working. For him, it is the only way to have a shelter of their own and provide food for the family. A reality that will, unfortunately, affect the other two brothers as well.

Being in miserable conditions, the family seeks the help of all Albanians around the world. Because for them, this is the last hope.

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