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Their father passed away, 3 little girls beg for help

Six years ago the Kasa family emigrated to Greece in the hope of securing a better life. But Bilbili, the head of the family, was diagnosed with a bad disease. All the family savings were spent to save him, but unfortunately, he passed away.

Between grief and sadness, Redina has to raise her daughters alone. After her husband passed away, she returned to Albania hoping to find support. But the chances are slim.

As if the suffering was not enough, the second daughter, Arba suffers from epilepsy. Her health is very delicate and if she does not receive the necessary medication, her life is in danger. But medicines are expensive and it has become very difficult for Redina to get them.

Being without a roof, the only help came from the brother-in-law’s family, who housed them in a room in poor conditions. With no income or financial assistance from the state, Redina needs our help.

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