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The sad story of the three orphans: We have never celebrated our birthdays

For 3 months now, the life of Rufia and her three young sons has been turned upside down. The loss of her husband’s life has destroyed all hopes. They live in the village of Gorishov, in Fier, in very difficult conditions. Without support and alone, the 39-year-old goes through it every day with fear. Fearing that she will not be able to give a happy tomorrow to her children.

“Living is very difficult, I have big debts to pay off. My only income is social support, less than 50 euro. I was told that my children do not receive orphan status, as the husband didn’t have insurance. But they are three, how can we manage to live like this!”

Although Asqeriu, Fjori, and Alesio are at the most beautiful age, where they enjoy the innocence of childhood, growing up is becoming a challenge for them. They are not experiencing any happy days and have little hope that life will bring them a beautiful tomorrow.

“I have never celebrated a birthday, all days are the same. It’s not that there are happier days than others. ”

Let us all come together to give the three boys the confidence that better days will come for them.

Charity does not make you poor!

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