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The medical clinic offers to conduct the 25.000 Euro operation for all three brothers and their mother

The story of the Senkollari family saddened us all. All three boys suffer from an eye disease, which endangers their eyesight. It is a genetic disease, inherited from their mother, Ornela. Her condition is also very aggravated, while her eyesight is getting weaker.

“When I am out in the sun I can not see, only when I am in the dark I see better. I am used to the darkness, I am not used to the light,” these were the words of Alban, during the call for help they made.

All three children, as well as Ornela, need to have surgery as soon as possible. For otherwise they will go towards complete blindness. However, their economic situation made it very difficult for them to carry out operations. Therefore, they asked for the help of all Albanians.

“Fundjavë Ndryshe” joined the call of the family and in a short time came the long-awaited news. The International Eye Clinic undertook to perform the operation with a value of € 25,000 for the 3 children and their mother.

While all the necessary examinations have been performed, they are expected to undergo medical procedures very soon. The news was given by the ophthalmologist at the International Eye Clinic, Felisia Gjyrdedi.

“From the preliminary examinations performed, we are confident that we will have a good prognosis. Follow-up will be done and then, if necessary, they might wear glasses for some time. The case is difficult, but the situation in which the family is, was necessary not to remain passive, ” said Gjyrdedi, as she was invited to the program “Historia e Fundjavës”.

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