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The life of Behare is at risk, desperately her mother begs for help

She is only 4 years old, but Beharja cannot play with her sister. Instead, she has to fight an enemy that is endangering her health. Since birth, she had an anomaly in the lower back, which is causing her many other complications as well. She suffers from a rare disease, which has also damaged her kidneys.

Anxious and desperate, Enkeleda is scared every minute that passes. For Behare, time can not wait any longer, because, in addition to other worries, she also suffers from high temperature. Doctors in Albania have told Enkeleda that this is a very specialized intervention and that the treatment can be performed only abroad.

“Most of the times she has a high fever and I don’t even know what to do to help her.  I  am very scared every time she gets sick because I am alone at home and until my husband comes it may be too late. Because the condition of Behare is very serious.”

The head of the household is employed in a nearby poultry house, working long hours to earn as some extra monies; but again, they are not enough. They have no property, while the house where they live belongs to some relatives. Due to economic problems, Enkeleda finds it impossible to make frequent visits to her daughter; while the last medical examination was about 2 months ago.

Beharja needs our help, because this may be her only chance to be healed.

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