The inspirational history of six orphan sisters from Kukës


The foundation “Different Weekend” supported the case of 6 orphan sisters, who unfortunately lost their mother and father. Beyond this, they lived in very difficult conditions.
Since the day they lost their mother, the six girls lost their care and parental love, their home, the right to education, and the opportunity to live normally.
Besarta, 15, is the oldest sister. Traumatized by the loss of both parents, she feels the responsibility she has taken for their younger sisters. The younger sisters, Doruntina and Dashmiri, are only 7 years old.
After losing their mother they returned to the village, because in the city of Kukes girls lived in a rent house. They were unable to pay the rent so they left the city. They could not even go to school, because the village is an hour away from Kukes.
The Foundation “Different Weekend” made an appeal for all Albanians in the country and abroad to help 6 girls.
Blendi Fevziu’s published in OPINION the chronicle of the touching story of six sisters. The first respond came from the DP deputy Agron Shehaj, who donated his salary as a deputy, as long as he will be in the Albanian Parliament.
The Wilson School also offered support to attend sixteen girls with studies until they reach the age of 18.
“OPINION” transmitted the chronicle of the orphan girls’ story at the entrance of the show for several days and called on all domestic institutions in the first place, businesses and citizens to help these girls who are homeless without help and unable to attend their studies.
On Tuesday, June 5, their case was realized in a special show where all the people who wanted to contribute joined the initiative.

The Prime Minister Edi Rama was invited in the show panel, he said that the contribution of “Different Weekend” is to be admired. He described “Different Weekend” as an example to be followed. As far as he says, the state should be more solid in this case to develop solidarity and social policies.

The case of orphaned girls touched the hearts of thousands of Albanians. Finally, they will soon become a new home in Tirana and attend school as their peers. Their custody will be taken by the big brother they have from their father.

In the third part of the show were presented three cases where “Opinion” and “Different Weekend”  appealed for help to other families living in equally tragic conditions.

By learning about the state of the 6 orphan sisters from Kukes, the families of Gjepali and Kertalli from Durrës and the family Luka from Vora, the Dine Hoxha Mosque is ready to assist these families with an amount of 30 thousand euros.

Meanwhile, Samir Mane, the most successful businessman in Albania and the region, part of the “OPINION” panel during the show, took over the construction of the family home Luka in Vora, and continued care for the needs of the family.

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