The devastating story of 5 orphans: Other kids throw rocks at us because we are poor

The story of the Dizdari family in Lezha has made us extremely sad. Their father passed away 1 year ago, leaving behind 5 orphans. Besajda, only 13 years old, goes to the clothing market every day and begs to work, as they spend most of their days eating only bread.

“There is no one to help us. I told my mom to go out to work, but she wouldn’t let me because I am young. But I told her to help others, and then they will probably pay me. For example, fold the clothes and fix them. I want to work, to provide to my brothers and sister food so they can eat.”

They live in very bad conditions, they have never slept in a normal bed, always on the ground with insects that are everywhere. But even from there, they risk leaving, as they have no income.

“I can’t do it anymore, I’m very sad. We have lived on the streets, leaving one house and going to another, because we can’t pay for it. They leave us for a month, but they don’t leave us any longer. They tell us to go outside and they are not to blame. Even this one where we are now, he told me to get out. We sleep on the ground, in these mattresses that others have given us. ”

They have no friends, as they all despise them and bully them away because they are poor.

“Those who are older than us beat us because they find us small. When we play with the ball, they take it from us. We play hide-and-seek, they ruin our game, they take our bags and throw them on the ground. They make us cry a lot. When we go, they throw stones at us, because there are stones at the school. ”

Their story is very painful, but more devastating is the reality that they live every day. But we can all change it by giving them hope that life is beautiful.

Charity does not make you poor!

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