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“The ceiling will fall on our heads”, the painful cry of the two orphans

For two years, life for Elsa and her two daughters has turned upside down. After the head of the family died as a result of a serious illness, they are all alone. While Elsa, today continues to be in trouble to pay the debts taken for the treatment of her husband, also provide meals for the two little girls.

“3 years in hospitals has been so hard for all of us. I worked and sometimes left the girls without eating, because we needed money for the hospitals, for medicines.”

Although in poor health, Elsa still works very hard. Every day she wakes up early to clean the city streets, in the hope that tomorrow will be better.

The last will of the head of the family was for his two daughters to have a happy day and a safe roof. While Gerta and Jona, find the only strength in the pictures of their father, placed on the destroyed walls of the house. The home where they live is in critical condition, in danger of collapsing.

Apart from the great pain that the two orphaned girls continue to have, their life is not safe, due to the dangerous conditions in which they live. But we can all save them from misery, so the help of each of you is necessary.

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