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The campaign to save little Xhesi continues, Dr. Skerdi donates 1 thousand Euros

The first episode of the TV show “Historia e Fundjavës” presented the story of Xhensida. 10-year-old who was born with scoliosis, a disease that causes deformity of the spine, and which over time worsens, putting her life in danger.

The only hope for her is a surgical intervention abroad. After the analysis and consultations that “Fundjavë Ndryshe” conducted, a hospital in Turkey said that this intervention costs 17 thousand euros.

While the head of the foundation, Arbër Hajdari was informing that in a week were collected about 3 thousand euros, a surprise call came to the studio. Dr. Skerdi Faria said he would donate a considerable amount of 1 thousand euros. He added that he is well aware of such a diagnosis and encouraged people to donate as much as they can, as it is a dangerous disease.

The 10-year-old urgently needs our help and we can all save her.

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Gofundme: www.gofundme.com/f/historiaefundjaves

Paypal: [email protected]

Telefon: +355 67 606 0033

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