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Teacher Drineda leaves for Turkey for her life surgery

1 year ago, Drineda learned the saddest news. The teacher from Bilisht was suffering from acute leukemia and her condition was getting worse. Her family was unable to support her with the treatment, as it was beyond expensive. For this reason, Drineda turned to Albanians to help her.

“Fundjavë Ndryshe” joined the teacher’s call for help and in a very short time, we managed to raise the necessary amount for her operation. As the chemotherapy and medications were not giving the necessary effects.


Ky lajm na ka gëzuar të gjithëve ♥️
SIGUROHET SHUMA 80.000 Euro për operacionin e Drinedës, vajzës 27 vjeçare që vuan me…

Posted by Fundjavë Ndryshe on Monday, May 3, 2021


Drineda has left for Turkey, where she is expected to undergo a bone marrow transplant, which will be donated by her sister. An intervention that costs 80,000 euros, and the support of Albanians was inspiring. Together we managed to give Drineda a chance to live, to raise her son.


The transplant of teacher Drineda has been successfully performed, and she is in good health.

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