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Suffering from tumor, emotional cry for help for Frenkli

In a matter of minutes, life for the newlyweds changed radically. 7 months had passed since Klementina and Jurgen were holding their baby in their arms. But even though it was a difficult birth, they were happy that they thought everything would go well. However, this dream was shattered in the middle.

As they went for a routine visit to the doctor, he gave the sad news. Their baby suffers from a tumor and urgently needs to undergo surgery. A sentence that destroyed every dream of the parents, while the health of Frenkli worsens every day.

But Klementina and Jurgen find it very difficult to raise the income needed to carry out the operation. The head of the family works as a sanitarian in a private hospital in the capital, but the income is hardly enough to even for basic needs. Because of the problems since the birth,  the couple has taken a lot of debts to family members. And today, they are desperate.

Every minute that passes is important to little Frenkli’s life, they need us. Frenkli needs your help!

Charity does not make you poor!
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