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Hidajet urgently needs our help

Hidajet was only 10 years old when his spine began to deform. Although the family had not previously understood, their young son was affected by scoliosis. Immediately his brother Sadik made sure that Hidajet received all the necessary treatments. But nothing was enough for his brother to be cured. The only way is for the 18-year-old to undergo surgery, which can only be performed abroad.

Doctors have suggested that the operation should be performed as soon as possible, as Hidajet’s life is in danger. His condition is critical, it is not even known how much his lungs and heart can resist, both affected by spinal deformity. Hidajet’s operation costs 20 thousand euros, of which the family has collected 15 thousand euros from relatives. Their economic situation is very bad and they find it impossible to collect the rest of the amount.

“To see an 18-year-old boy sitting inside every day, when his friends go to work, is very painful. I asked for my kidney to be given, for the boy to be healed. I do not care about myself, I will give my life, but I will not let my son pass away. I do not know what to do anymore, ” Hidajet’s mother confesses through tears.

Time is very limited, every minute that passes is one less chance for the 18-year-old to get better. Together we can give Hidajet a chance to live!

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