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Suffers from scoliosis, 2-year-old’s life is in danger!

Gjeson is 2 years old, he likes to play with his sister and brother, but it is almost impossible for him. Diagnosed with scoliosis, a serious disease of the spine, his life is in danger.

“When the doctors told me he has scoliosis, I did not have information regarding the disease. Even now I do not know, the doctors told me that he won’t be able to walk. Even now he can’t walk properly, he gets easily tired”, says Elvira, the mother.

The only hope is to undergo surgery, which can only be performed abroad. Doctors have indicated that the operation costs 30,000 euros, which is unaffordable for the family.

Those limited incomes earned by Albert in emigration have gone to treat the eldest daughter who was suffering from epilepsy. But because of the pandemic, he can no longer move abroad. As he goes out every day to the village in Sukth to look for work, in the hope that he will manage to earn some money.

This mother’s dreams for her son are endless, but Elvira fears that even in kindergarten she will not be able to take him. Gjeson’s health condition is becoming more and more delicate, as the time for him can no longer wait. Suffering and hopeless, they desperately cry out for help to save their little one.

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