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Suffers from a serious condition, Adriana needs help

Adriana is only 14 years old, but she has spent almost her whole life in hospitals. She was born with a problem in the spine and lacks 5 ribs. This has greatly aggravated Adriana’s health. In addition to the problem in the spine, Adriana’s lungs are also at risk.

According to doctors, one of the lungs was affected by an infection and is damaged. Adriana is surviving on oxygen alone. As the pain increases and worsens, doctors have indicated that she urgently needs specialized treatment abroad.

For the Malaj family, this is impossible, as the economic conditions in which they find themselves are very difficult. They live in Allkomemaj, a deep mountain village in Tepelena, the only income is the economic aid they receive. The head of the family, who is also in bad health, finds it impossible to work. While, Flutura tries to work in the village, but the income earned is not even enough to provide a living.

With tears in their eyes, Adriana and her mother turned to “Fundjavë Ndryshe” and begged for help. They only want a little hope for Adriana to live too.

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