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Diagnosed with a rare disease, the mother begs to save Naomi!

Noemi has just turned 1 year old, but unfortunately, her first birthday finds her among the tears of her own mother. Day and night she prays for the health of Naomi, who suffers from a rare and very dangerous disease of the spine, spina bifida. A rare disease that affects infants in the fetus, and if left untreated risks leaving irreversible consequences throughout life.

Due to serious complications, the operation is very delicate and in Albania can not be performed. Despite knocking on the doors of dozens of hospitals, Noem’s mom has no choice. The only option is overseas treatment.

But the economic situation of the family is very bad, Naomi’s father works non-stop, but with his salary, he finds it difficult to provide even the bread for the family. Noem’s operation in Turkey costs about 25 thousand euros and the family seeks the help of Albanians.

“With my husband’s salary, we can not even buy food, let alone the operation of our daughter. I beg all of you, please help this girl. She is just a child and is suffering so much at a very young age. My only hope is praying to God and to all Albanians who can help us,” confesses in tears Luçjana.

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