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Suffers from a rare disease, Stiv dreams of walking again

Stivi is only 9 years old, but the suffering has started too early for him. He is diagnosed with congenital myopathy, a rare genetic disease of muscles, which causes their weakening. His condition is getting worse and worse. Although it is vital that he be followed by a professional physiotherapist, the Melkollari family is not able to provide for him.

Due to health problems, he started school at the age of 8, but Stivi risks not finishing it. The school in the village is up to the fourth grade, while the next nearest school is more than 30 minutes away. Stivi has many dreams. Even though he can not walk, he still dreams of becoming a footballer.

The problems for the family have started with the birth of the eldest son, Mateos, for 10 years he suffered from epilepsy. The only way to secure the treatment was for Ydri to go to Greece to work in agriculture. Shortly after Mateo recovered, they got in debt again, this time for Steve.

But Ydri finds it impossible to emigrate again, as the son needs the care of both parents. The only opportunity to earn a little income is for the couple to collect medicinal plants. But they are insufficient to make a living.

After many examinations, the hospital Santa Maria di Reggio Emilia, in Italy, has taken over the case of Stivi and needs a stay of 8 months. Stivi needs help. We are his only hope!


Steve and his parents leave for Italy, where he is expected to undergo the surgery.

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