Reconstruction of schools

Fundjavë Ndryshe has been active in the restoration of schools since long ago. Many schools in different cities, but mainly in rural areas, do not even offer the basic conditions for the realization of the teaching process. Recently, Fundjavë Ndryshe reconstructed a school in the suburbs of Tirana, which did not offer even the minimum conditions. However, for several months now, we have been working on identifying schools that are in difficult conditions and organizing a specific system that will deal with this process.
School reconstruction is an important project, because schools in rural areas often closes due to bad conditions, and students are forced to walk for many hours to go to schools in the surrounding villages. But during this process many students leave the school. Fundjavë Ndryshe wants to fight this negative phenomenon, which does not develop the society. Education is a strong weapon to get out of poverty, so we must do everything we can to put it at the service of every child.