Professional school

Building a professional school is one of the most important projects of Fundjavë Ndryshe. The professional school is an opportunity to give each individual the right to learn a profession, and the right to work. In Albania, many people, young or old, who come from families in need, do not have the opportunity to attend professional schools, due to difficult economic conditions. This is the reason that the professional school we will build, will be free for all people that come from families in need.

How will be realized this project?

The professional school is a project we have started some months ago. It will be located at the Solidarity Center, and the reconstruction of the building is already underway. In the curriculum will be a very large number of professions, which will aim to offer opportunistic benefits to each individual. The professions will be in line with the market, so every person who completes the course will be able to find a stable job. We believe that soon we will start the process of applying different professions, and implementing this project as soon as possible.