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Parents abandoned them, heartbroken two orphans beg for help

This is Arbjani and this is Albjona. They are 13 and 11 years old, polite, smart but they are suffering. Their father abandoned them about 10 years ago, as did their mother. She has been away for 4 years to start another family. It is the sad story of two orphans and their grandmother, whose hearts have been torn to pieces.

“We only have our grandmother and we love her more than anyone else. She has raised us, we feel bad that mom left us. We have the worst memories at home, here we have gone through all the sadness.”

While they live in terrible conditions, Zeqineja is powerless to provide them a decent life.

“They have been very depressed, I have taken them to the imam. Leaving the child behind is not something easy. These children are heartbroken. Their mother goes to work every day and walks near them and has never spoken a word. While their father is in Greece, where he started his own family.”

The house in which the two orphans live with their grandmother has been destroyed and declared uninhabitable, leaving them hopeless and at the mercy of fate. The suffering for them is too devastating, but together we can ease their pain.

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