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Once applauded by all, today seeks mercy/ The sad story of the singer

Until 1983, Luljeta Përbasha was a well-known artist. She is the winner of different awards at Song Festivals on Albanian Radio-Television. She was a professional pop singer in the city of Rrëshen, as well as the director of the children’s library in Mirditë.

Whereas today, it is this woman who gives up pride to seek help.

“It was very hard for me, but I am begging you to help me. Do not toss away 30 years of my life that I have given for Albania. As an artist, I put Mirdita on a pedestal. ”

Luljeta is 59 years old, lives with her husband in Bilisht in very difficult economic conditions. For 7 years, she cares for her paralyzed husband, who cannot walk or move. While living in a small room, which is about to collapse. Every night, she sleeps in fear that the house might collapse on them.

“When I was in better health, I tried to close the holes by myself. But now I do not have the strength to do it, I can bearly walk. If the cat climbs on the roof, the ceiling will fall. ”

Desperate, Luljeta asks for help to spend the remaining days, in an apartment with normal conditions. That’s why she needs our help, and we all can save their lives.

Charity does not make you poor!
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