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“Living in the wheelchair for more than 40 years”, 4 paraplegics in need of our assistance

Diagnose with epilepsy at an early age, 3 of the children of the Mustafa family are paralyzed. They have been in this state for more than 40 years. Previously, they lived in the village of Kuç in Vora, together with their sick parents and their brother and his wife. But the September earthquake completely destroyed their home, forcing them to live in tents.

Immediately “Fundjavë Ndryshe” called for help and in a short time, the family entered their new house.

“It was the happiest day for me, it felt like I was going to heaven. If you think about where I have been and where I have come from, I am so much better. Out there we were like living in a well, not only me but all the three of us,” says Arta.

Even though this dream came true, for them life continues to be very difficult. Apart from Suzana, Genti, and Arta, their father has also been paralyzed. Affected by Parkinson’s disease, he can no longer move. Even the health of Ferida, the mother is very delicate, as a result of her heart problems. Therefore the need for continuous medical examinations is vital.

“We can’t afford to take them on visits, we don’t have a car. I can not hold them in my arms, but also with a wheelchair, it is very difficult,” says his brother Flamuri.

For 4 decades, Suzana, Genti, and Arta have been doomed by impossibility. Although they have agreed with the sad fate that they will not be able to walk anymore, they need to receive medical services.

Between the need to work, for Flamuri and his wife, every day is a sacrifice. Being the only one responsible for the well-being of the five sick, it is very difficult for them.

“It is very difficult to move them, there are cases when we will hold them in our arms, so we can move them from one place to another. Not being able to move for so many years is so hard, here we are much better, but still, they need to see other people. But I don’t have the facilities to take them out.”

For them, it is necessary to have a special means of transport, but they find it impossible to provide it without our help.

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