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Living in misery, 3 elderly sisters pray for our help!

In the village of Grudë-Fushë, in Malësi e Madhe there are very few families which continue to live even today. In the village, you can’t see lots of people, but there are plenty of ruined houses. But in one of these buildings live three elderly sisters. This is their sad story.

Mine and Dushe are 76 and 72 years old, but from an early age, they were diagnosed with mental health problems. The only care has come from their little sister, Zukja. She has sacrificed her life to be close to her sisters, but the 64-year-old’s health has also worsened.

The two older sisters go out every day to the village cemetery begging for alms. The house where they live is in terrible conditions, putting their lives in danger.

The three elderly can no longer continue to live in these appalling conditions. We need the help of each of you, to come together to ease their pain.

Charity does not make you poor!
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