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Lived in a tent for 2 years / New beginnings for the Poçi family

The Poçi family has entered their new home. After more than two horrible years living in the tent, they already have a warm house. The news was announced by the CEO of “Fundjavë Ndryshe”, Arbër Hajdari, who handed over the keys to the family.

“When we first came and met you, we saw the difficult conditions in which you lived. No child in the world deserves to grow up in those conditions. I pray to God that things go well, that the children are in good health and that now for you starts a new life, “said Hajdari.

The story of the Poçi family touched people’s hearts. Arben, the head of the family, lost one hand in an incident at the age of 2. This injury made it impossible for him to work and take care of his family. Due to low income he was forced to live in a tent with his wife and 4 children.

As soon as the vice president of “Fundjavë Ndryshe”, Emina Cunmulaj heard the story, she decided to surprise the family. She decided to finance the construction of a new house for the Poçi family. Impossible to be physically close to them, Cunmulaj had prepared a greeting video-message. For the family this is a new beginning, with hope and belief.

Enjoy your new home!

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