Live in the cattle hut, 3 orphans at the mercy of fate after losing their father

Five months ago the head of the Bali family passed away after being diagnosed with a tumor. Leaving at the mercy of fate his 3 young daughters, who are heartbroken and hopeless. While Idvana, is devastated and doesn’t know what to do.

“He did not know that he was suffering from a tumor on his head and had never been cured of that type of disease, even though he had been affected for almost 11 years. Even when we used to live in the basement, we have suffered a lot. Because the humidity was very bad, and the girls would get sick almost every week.”

The only opportunity for them to eat a meal is to collect flowers.

“This was a cow hut, my father-in-law had it. I had nowhere to go, I couldn’t go out on the street with the three girls. The social aid I get is less than 30 euros.”

The pain is suffocating them, but the harsh conditions in which they are growing are endangering their health.

“The conditions here are very bad. We are afraid of snakes, rats because there are holes everywhere. Chickens or cats may enter at night. When we sleep, we put our little sister in the middle because she is very scared. Mom has tried to put in some plastic, but we can’t fill it all out. It’s not good, but with these conditions we are in, we have nothing to do.”

Fate has been tragic for 3 orphaned girls, but we can help. Therefore, the help of each of you is essential.

Charity does not make you poor!

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