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Little Alesia risks not walking anymore, she urgently needs help!

The Rrapo family lives in the village of Kuqar, about 40 minutes away from Këlcyra. After 4 years of trying to become parents, Florenci and Albina gave birth to Alesia. But today they are asking for help to cure their sick daughter. The 7-year-old suffers from a foot disease that prevents her from walking, running, and causes her a lot of pain.

When Albina, her mother became pregnant, the doctor warned her of a problematic birth. Due to the lack of knowledge, economic impossibility, and numerous problems they have; the only thing they know about this disease is that Alesia has a lot of pain.

“She tells me that from the middle down she is in pain, especially when she walks a lot. I had to buy the donkey this year to take her to school. When I took her there, all the kids were walking normally, only she was different. Only for Alesia, I cry day and night,” Albina confesses.

Both parents are incapable of work. However, Florenci works in the village doing various manual works, while Albina collects and sells medicinal plants. They are powerless to save the girl, whose health is in danger. Today they ask for our help to send Alesia to the hospital and help her recover.

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