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Klejsi Seferi, the 3 years old who risks not walking anymore!

Klejsi is only 3 years old, but from birth, he was diagnosed with spina bifida, a very serious disease that not only causes problems with walking but also risks paralysis.

“It was very difficult and during the pregnancy, I had many complications, but we did not know what the problem was. After he was born, they sent him directly to Tirana to operate on his spine. The doctors did not give us any guarantee, they said that there is no risk of not being able to do it. Thank God that operation went well, but as soon as it passed we saw that he also had problems with his leg” said Klaodona, the boy’s mother.

Doctors in Albania do not undertake the operation and the only solution is for Klejsi to undergo intervention abroad. According to doctors, this intervention costs € 13,000. But the family is in miserable condition and it is impossible to save their son.

Life is very difficult for the Seferi family, while it is not yet known if Klejsi needs two or three surgeries. But his family finds it impossible to afford it.

“The doctors did not give me any hope at all, my boy needs to undergo the surgery urgently. I have no choice. I tried my best to provide the conditions for him, but I can no longer. Because I am the only one who works, I also have a brother who has been on dialysis for 10 years, ” says Përparimi with pain.

Once every three months Përparimi went to Greece where he worked as a shepherd or engaged in agriculture. But the pandemic has left him jobless. They live in the village of Podgorie in Korça, where they have no employment opportunities. But the time for Klejsi can no longer wait.

“He is growing and his condition is getting worse and worse and when we are financially ready, it may be too late for him. We have also put the land up for sale, but its value is very small. It does not cover even the medical visits, let alone to send him abroad. Please help us! ”

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