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Kejsi, the 12-year-old with scoliosis, needs us!

For 6 years, Kejsi does not like to see herself in the mirror, because there she sees what is trying so hard to hide. The 12-year-old suffers from scoliosis, and the deformity of the spine becomes more and more visible.

“I do not know what it is, so I call it a lump. I get very upset when people see me on the street, I know I’m different,” says Kejsi.

While the disease is getting worse, Kejsi’s health is in danger. Lately, she has difficulty breathing and suffers from strong headaches. But, due to economic problems, Azizja could not provide medical examinations to her daughter.

The Hysenj family lives in this old house in Babrru. Their only income is from collecting cans by the head of the family, but even his mental health is aggravated. While Azizja finds it impossible to work as she has to take care of the children. They have no support, and the little girl urgently needs surgery, which can only be performed abroad.

Azizja is afraid of tomorrow because it could be fatal for her daughter, who desperately seeks hope in Albanians.

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