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In total misery, the Goma family seeks help!

The Goma family lives in Funarës, a remote village in Librazhd. The road to get to their home is in poor condition, but the misery of the family is much more severe. Andileta and Olivia are waiting for us; they are only 7 and 3 years old, with their torn shoes they come and meet us. While Olivia is still young, Andileta begins to confess the misery that they are going through.

“I do not want to live here because the house is destroyed; it is a very old house. Rain falls on all sides. I would like to have better conditions; it is a pity to stay the way we are. Even the snake has entered several times, we are very scared.”

Andileta cries because the house where she lives is destroyed and puts their lives in danger. But as if economic problems were not enough, her little sister suffers from a disease that doctors have not yet diagnosed.

“We have suffered a lot in hospitals with our young girl. When she was born, the sign was in a very small extent, but over time, it keeps spreading in her face”, says Elona with tears in her eyes.

The head of the family, Adili, suffers from a herniated disk, and most of the time he stays in bed, as he cannot walk. He used to work in various jobs, agriculture, livestock, or construction, but today he can’t even move. The only income the family lives on is the disability camp.

The family is in very difficult conditions while praying for the help of Albanians. So we can help with their health issues and bring back the dreams of the two little girls.

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