In record time, a new life for 3 orphaned girls from Lushnja

A few days ago we published the case of the Bali family in Lushnja and immediately the reactions were numerous. Idvana and her three orphaned daughters lived in miserable conditions.

After the head of the family passed away a few months ago, they lived in a cattle hut. Without any income, the only way to eat a meal was to go out and collect flowers.

In a very short time “Fundjavë Ndryshe” managed to provide an apartment in the city for Idvana and her daughters. And this will be a new beginning for Fjorela, Suela, and Amelja, who will no longer worry about snakes or insects entering as they sleep.

The foundation’s staff also took care of finding a job for Idvana. As well as continuing to take care of every need of the family.

Enjoy the new home!

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