“Illnesses are for the poor”/ Her life is endangered by scoliosis, 14-year-old begs for help

Aisha is only 14 years old, but unlike other children she is not growing up with dreams. She is facing a painful reality. Not long ago, her parents discovered that their daughter was suffering from scoliosis. Her condition is very delicate and she needs urgent surgery. 

But the economy of the Zogu family is miserable. Together with the other three girls, they live in a rented house in Kruja, and their parents find it impossible to save their little girl’s life. 

The 14-year-old urgently needs our help. Although the disease is advancing rapidly, doctors have given us a lot of hope. We are still in time to fight and save Aisha, who dreams of living a healthy life! 

 “Charity does not make you poor!” 

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