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“I will leave school as I need to work”/ 4 orphans need our help

Aneta Plaku is the mother of four children and for 4 years she is all alone in raising them. The head of the family has died as a result of diabetes, after negligence and inability to go and do medical check-ups.

“My sister and brother have no one but me and my mother. Since my father passed away, it is up to me and my mom to take care of them. Because this is how life is for orphan kids,” confess Oksana, the eldest daughter, who desperately says that she will also drop out of school to work.

After the loss of her husband, Aneta was found alone in the middle of the streets, with 3 minor daughters and 3 months pregnant. After many disputes and conflicts with relatives, she had to leave Dibra and move to Kavaja with her children.

The house was paid for by a donor until the end of this year. And in January, Aneta fears that she will be left on the street again, as she has no income to pay the rent.

She says that she looked for a job, but it was very difficult, as they always closed the door for her. The only income is economic assistance and the orphan’s pension, which are often not enough to make ends meet.

After hearing about this case, “Fundjavë Ndryshe” assisted the family with immediate needs, but they need the help of all Albanians. As we urgently have to provide a new shelter for Aneta Plaku and her 4 minor children.

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