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“I said to myself; Please God, take my sight and give it to my son”, family members ask for the help of Albanians

Ajan Pisha from Elbasan is 1 year old and is at risk of becoming blind, as he suffers from vena cava. His mother, with tears in her eyes, asks all Albanians to help her, as much as they can, to restore the hope of life. In this period, she confesses that she is already suffering, crying non-stop and that her dream is for the little boy to regain his sight and to recognize his family members. The boy has not recognised his mother and father since he was born.

“Ajan was 6 months old when I found out. I was very shocked, and I asked myself if there was  any hope for my child to look at me, to recognise me. Doctors said that there is nothing that we can do for his case. That’s the moment where I was most touched.

I said, Lord,give my sight to my son. I can also sell my organs, just to have my son to be able to see.

When I see other children around, my soul drops, my heart breaks. Not a day goes by without crying.

I don’t want a house, not a single thing. But I want my child to be fixed, to see the light of the sun like all the other kids. At least he recognized me. For mom to tell me and look me in the eyes. The child turned one year old and still doesn’t know his mother, because he can’t see her in the eyes”, said the mother, who is crying a lot.

Time is no longer promising for Ajani. For his intervention, €5,000 is needed, which the family cannot afford. The call that comes from the family members of the little one is to help them as much as you can. Please join us in restoring little Ajan’s sight!

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