“I have to leave school, my family needs food”, the sad story of 5 orphans


Life for the 5 children of the Roçi family has been cruel. Going to school for years has become a challenge for them. They must walk for more than 1 hour, whether it is raining, snowing or the danger from wildlife. They live in the village of Porocani, three hours away from Gramsh. They are very young, but life has killed every dream and every childish innocence. Apart from the cruel conditions in which they live, their mother passed away a few days ago. Leaving the eyes of the 5 orphans in despair. While Guri, the head of the household feels powerless.

“My wife has never been sick. We called the ambulance, but they said that they can’t come because of the long-distance and the bad road. I hold her in my arms until we got near the ambulance. If I had the hospital nearby, maybe she would have saved. The hospital is in Gramsh and it takes three hours to get there. It’s terrible, the kids get sick I don’t know what to do. My whole body is numb, ” the 50-year-old says.

Guri and the five children stay in a room with only one destroyed sofa. But he has to take care of even for his sick mother and sister, which has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

“I myself am elderly, no longer able to take care of five children. I can’t even cook bread, the little girl tries to do it. My soul is aching, ”says the grandmother of five orphans.

Forgotten by everything, the Roçi family is at war with time. As children, despite their great pain, are forced to drop out of school.

“I go out to the village to look for work, whatever the job is. I am very sorry that I have to drop out of school, but my family needs me. This where we live cannot be called home, it is a hut. Sometimes the lights get out of the humidity.

We don’t even have bathrooms, we wash out with cans in the cold. We only have a sofa and three sleep on it and the others sleep on the ground. Cement is cold, many times we get sick. We are also afraid at night because snakes or wildlife can enter, ”says in despair Ledjani, the eldest son of the family.

The family urgently needs our help. And we can unite to give them hope that life is beautiful.

Charity does not make you poor!