HEALTH / From medical tests to the diseases treatment, what do we do?


Creating directly contact with families in need is often painful, due to the difficult reality that families live. In more than 4 years experience working with people in need, we have learned that Health is one of the most problematic and vulnerable phenomena to vulnerable groups. Expensive medical check-ups, high drug prices, unaffordable surgeries, chronic illness are just the top of the iceberg that families in need face. This is also the reason why we have decided to patiently commit to this reality, applying various projects, small and large, to help the poor people.

  • How is this process realized?

After working for a long time to collect donations to help people with health problems, we have found it reasonable to build a new structure, where we can address problems continuously. We recently signed an agreement with a Laboratory of Medical Analysis. In this way, all people from families in need, identified and verified by “Fundjavë Ndryshe”, can make the free analysis process. After taking the medical tests and visits by the doctor, we organize the procedure of purchasing medicines, depending on the needs of the patient. Recently, we have intervened to conclude agreements with Private Hospitals in Turkey and beyond, to carry out the necessary surgical interventions and operations, where we have successfully completed several cases. Also, the staff of “Fundjavë Ndryshe” is working on the implementation of a project that focuses on the engagement of a mobile ambulance, which will be organized to provide first aid to patients coming from families in need.