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Hajdari talks about the new show: We aim to promote more models of success

Earlier the head of the foundation “Fundjavë Ndryshe”, Arbër Hajdari announced the beginning of a new television program. Through a post on social media, Hajdari indicated that the show would focus on different stories. Called “The story of Fundjava”, the newest format will be broadcast on the show “Historia ime” on TV Klan.

To talk about this project, Hajdari was invited to the first episode of the show. In the studio together with Mirela Milori, he talked about the range of topics that will be addressed throughout the TV season. As he warned that the first Sunday of the show, on September 14th will start with a happy story.

“The stories will be different. They will start with sad stories of those honest people of this country, for whom there is not much information about where they are. But, we have found them and at the same time, there are those who have found us. “

The head of the foundation added that there will not only be sad stories, but there will also be many success stories, especially of young people. With the sole purpose of having as many success models as possible.

“Also, the show will be extended to several other perspectives, such as the promotion of young people. There are cases of people who have decided to stay in Albania, they are successful in what they do. And we want to convey their role models on this show. Because the model creates another model and this way the Albanian society, but mainly the youth will follow them on the path to success.”

At the same time “Fundajvë Ndryshe” continues with its daily activity, that of distributing aid. As Hajdari said in his speech, the pandemic has greatly affected the economy of Albanian families. It is therefore very important to continue providing assistance to them, especially for the basic needs that many families have.

“Since the first days of the pandemic in Albania, when that big blockade started until now, of course, our work has been difficult. Due also to the increase in the number of people in need, asking for basic and emergency needs, such as food or hygiene.

The age group that needed the most help was the third age. We have organized mass distributions nationwide, tons of aid have been distributed throughout Albania.”

Charity does not make you poor!

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